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Soft Sheet Applications

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Inflatable Products and Toys
Furniture Overlay
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Table Cloth
Pond Lining
Green Houses
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Sponge Sheets

Soft PVC Sheets

APEX produces a wide variety of soft PVC sheets for many different uses.

Soft PVC sheets are manufactured with different levels of softness and flexibility depending on the application and it is a very versatile product with applications both as semi-finished and finished products.

Soft PVC Sheets are used for anything from shower curtains and rain coats to stationary products, bags and inflatable toys.

As an APEX customer you can chose from transparent, translusent or opaque soft sheets, with or without printing, embossing and lamination.

If you need printed sheets you can chose from more than hundred different designs and colors.

Our soft sheets can be made in widths from 48" up to 80" in thicknesses from 0.05mm to 0.20mm.

In this product group you also find Pond Lining, used for ponds and artificial lakes. Our Pond Lining is available in thicknesses from 1.50mm up to 2.00mm.

A similar product to Pond Lining is Moisture Protection Sheets for the construction business.

Related to this group is our Table Cloth line.