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Our Products - Overview

APEX Plastics is a leading producer of calendered PVC sheets in many forms and we are very flexible when it comes to your special needs as a customer.

I you have special requirements for your PVC sheets, please contact us and we will help you get what you need.

Here follows a short overview of our main products.

Floor Covering

Vinyl Floor Covering

APEX Plastics is well known for our high quality pvc flooring, or vinyl flooring as it is also called.

We produce the following types of PVC floors:

  • Solid Floor
  • Sponge Floor
  • Homogeneous Floor
  • Flooring with Non-Woven Backing


We are producing both solid and sponge artificial leather which have a variety of end uses such as furniture and car seat covering, bags and shoes.

We can make almost any color imaginable with many different kinds of backing and embossings as well as printing.

Only your imagination is the limit.

Soft Sheet

PVC Soft, or flexible, sheets is a very versatile product with thousands of different applications, both as semi-finished and finished products for both domestic and industrial use.

APEX soft sheets meets the highest standards no matter what the end application might be. We are producing transparent, translucent and opaque sheets, with or without printing, in widths from 48" up to 80" and thicknesses from 0.05 mm up to 0.50mm.

In this product group you also find table cloth, pond lining and car mats.

Rigid Sheet

APEX Plastics is supplying both transparent and opaque rigid PVC sheets with thicknesses ranging from 0.07mm up to 0.50 mm.

We can produce rigid PVC in many different qualities, including food and pharmaceutical grade, both for vacuum moulding and fold moulding.

In addition to packing our rigid PVC product line includes cooling tower filters, christmas trees and waste water treatment panels as well as furniture and kitchen top sheets.

Table Cloth


Car Mat